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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Meeting Philip Kotler - the 4PMan

Philip Kotler wrote the book that produced one of the few acronyms that an MBA remembers after graduation - the 4Ps. 11 years after graduation i even remember what the Ps stand for! It was thus a great honour to shake the hand that wrote the 4Ps. Sadly, he now seems to have added to his repertoire with a new acronym - CCDV - create, communicate and deliver value. It just doesn't have the punch of the 4Ps :)

me, i think the 4Ps are a powerful proposition and can be adapted too services marketing too, very easily. it is all the interpretation. Just pretend the "Product" is the service. Price is just the same. Positioning - services positioning is a little more complex but the principles are the same. And place - well, sales and delivery models matter in services too.

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