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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Second Life - Hype or not?

Wipro announced its presence on Second Life this week. This site arouses mixed emotions among casual technophiles and geeks. Some knock it as overhyped and unlikely to every succeed, and others as the next big thing. I belong to the "older generation" - it is unlikely that I will ever get addicted to Second Life. But I think it has amazing potential as a communication tool - you can see buildings in 3-D, control your interactions, and chat with pals in any format you like - voice, text chat. Unlike some other social networking sites, in Second Life you can have clearly defined corporate territories and people wander in voluntarily because they need information or you have some cool goodies (did I mention that the wipro site offers t-shirts to visiting avatars?) You can restrict access to your site too.

In many ways Second Life is like a new, improved web where sites are in 3-D animation with super-improved navigation and communication features.

Yes, like all pioneering technologies it may or may not stand the test of time. It may go the way of the early search engines or net browsers. But those who have figured out how to benefit from Second Life will emerge stronger in whatever is the next phase of that evolution.

Around 9 years ago when a friend introduced me to google I thought it was cool, but not essential to my life. Now, not a day goes by that i don't use it in business and personal life. I hope Second Life lives long enough to become ubiquitous, but if not, there will be a Ninth Life to take its place!!


Anonymous said...

Given that you can't access Second Life from most companies and that it requires a high graphics capability that only gaming geeks have, I think practical application of this site is far in the future.

Atul said...

I think virtua worlds are a cool way of doing things. What I like most there is the way you can interact ... And, this ties into the web 2.0/enterprise 2.0 that is unfolding today. And, I think this is the way forward ... Its early days yet, and theres quite a few changes that would happen as we go along, but its way cooler than what we have today.

Imagine reading and discussing a blog ... the key word being discussing ... somewhat like comments we have here ... in todays tech scenario, this could be the equivalent of blogs+im ... and then, some more.

I have written a bit about virtual worlds ...

Your thoughts?