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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Stumble on (yet more) information

Are you being drowned by emails? Bludgeoned by blogs? Choked by the information overload of websites? Hounded by people following up on their emails? Quizzed by yet another game show (Panchvi strikes this weekend).

We're going the way of the Ancient Romans.

They didn't have electronic communication. But they had poetry. And direct marketing. And publishing houses churning out copies. They held recitationes in all kinds of public places, homes and parties. They had competitions - the famous one in Naples ran for 13 hours and the audience was not allowed to leave. Even their emperors competed (just like Amitabh Bacchhan entering the fray with his blog!!) Perhaps their empire collapsed in sheer fatigue and frustration!

Now, if we don't want our internet empire of information to implode, we've got to have smarter ways to find relevant information in the sea of mediocrity. Or succumb completely to randomness. That's where steps in. It's a crowdsourcing or friendsourcing way to identify what's good on the web. You select your topics and then it takes you to sites which are heavily rated by other members. When you do a google search it has an icon to point you to the sites which have the best ratings from other stumblers. Thanks to siddharth nair for pointing me to this useful site. The difference betwen stumble and searches like google is that it brings the power of social networking to deciding the most USEFUL content as opposed to bots deciding what words are most relevant to a larger audience. And folks pls do stumble my blog too :)

To know that we are facing a crisis, you only have to read this desperate plea I received as an out of office response last week "Due to immense high workload there will be a delay in replying to your emails. Please refrain from telephone calls if you have already sent an email. I apologize for any inconvenience."

To know more about the poetry craze among the Romans, visit

I stumbled upon it.


raegan paul said...

since the time i started stumbling..chemistry between me and my laptop has just got spicier..:) everytime i click on the 'stumble' toolbar button et voila i get an intriguing webpage..ofcuz my google searches are less time consuming with those stumble marks.! thanks for sharing the fun n info

manik1383 said...

Nice Website - stumbleupon..but again the search engine would be using the tags and i am sure people have been tagging their articles/blogs/websites in such a way that they come in top searches - so dont know how successful the same can be.

Ne ways nice blog! Would be great to see you writing more.

Jessie Paul said...

Stumble takes into consideration user-ratings, not just the tags, so it uses human intelligence to outgame the taggers :)
Glad you like my blog, and hope to blog more!

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece Jessie.!!

Why haven't you turned on full-feed option for RSS :)Feed-readers then pick up the entire feed..

Jessie Paul said...

Daksh: I have turned on the full feed option for RSS.