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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Logo is NOT for life

Like all other design elements, logos too get outdated. Unfortunately, most organizations get emotionally attached to their faded logos and refuse to let go. Often, the examples cited to support the cause of the ailing logos are the same - IBM, Apple, Microsoft. How these logos are simple and such classics that they never have to change. (As though a logo that has to evolve is somehow flawed).
This article on the evolution of tech logos is thus very liberating. Because it shows how even these icons have had to transform and modernize over the years. Read it to know that the original Apple logo was actually a complicated illustration. Or that IBM has had multiple avatars, names and logos in its long existence.
I'm providing this for those who are in need of some data to bolster their case. But think carefully about whether your really need to refresh your logo before you plunge in. Or if it is just to bring some excitement into your life. Remember, the brand manager is usually the first to tire of a logo. Mainly because they spend their working hours staring at it. The average customer does not. Sadly.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Green is the new Clean

I haven't blogged in a bit. Instead I was doing that big ecological no-no, flying! (Wipro is installing Telepresence so maybe I won't have to travel as much any more)My team and I in marketing have been doing our bit for green over the past year - tried to cut down the amount of paper generated in the form of brochures, stopped taking printouts, religious recycling, using carafes at events instead of individual plastic bottles. As a company, Wipro is doing its bit to be green too . But it isn't until I went to Europe and US that I realized how big the green movement is over there. Thank goodness we had decided to make our customer forum, Mandala, carbon neutral. ( Awareness of this problem has just shot up in 12 months. Developing countries are rapidly adopting green philosophies too - the first event on Green IT I have come across in India takes place Friday

So much so that green is no longer a "nice-to-have" but a "must-have". On Earth Day, we did a little (electronic) release on Wipro becoming a member of "Green Grid" an initiative on the greening of data centers. I am a cynic who believes that hardly anyone reads press releases (though they do tremendously help with google ratings) but the green grid response has been very good.

What does this mean to marketers? Most companies have a long way to go to be as eco-friendly as they can be. But if you aren't trying -at least within the sphere of your own influence to be green - you will be left behind in the new wave.