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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Green is the new Clean

I haven't blogged in a bit. Instead I was doing that big ecological no-no, flying! (Wipro is installing Telepresence so maybe I won't have to travel as much any more)My team and I in marketing have been doing our bit for green over the past year - tried to cut down the amount of paper generated in the form of brochures, stopped taking printouts, religious recycling, using carafes at events instead of individual plastic bottles. As a company, Wipro is doing its bit to be green too . But it isn't until I went to Europe and US that I realized how big the green movement is over there. Thank goodness we had decided to make our customer forum, Mandala, carbon neutral. ( Awareness of this problem has just shot up in 12 months. Developing countries are rapidly adopting green philosophies too - the first event on Green IT I have come across in India takes place Friday

So much so that green is no longer a "nice-to-have" but a "must-have". On Earth Day, we did a little (electronic) release on Wipro becoming a member of "Green Grid" an initiative on the greening of data centers. I am a cynic who believes that hardly anyone reads press releases (though they do tremendously help with google ratings) but the green grid response has been very good.

What does this mean to marketers? Most companies have a long way to go to be as eco-friendly as they can be. But if you aren't trying -at least within the sphere of your own influence to be green - you will be left behind in the new wave.


raegan paul said...

'psyche of the organisation' as AHP said is certainly the key resistance factor in efforts like greeing..and marketers role - well, i think its not marketing the concept..its delivering clear and convicing information on greening's impact on the bottom lines in long run.. and i see this as a big challenge especially when the number game comes in and the NPVs are calculated for greeing projects.. My opinion, for IT companies three things r imp. from marketer's role 1. communicating that greeing the data centers doesnt impact the performance(and it should not). 2. giving +ve numbers to finance depts that the efforts will bring tangible value. 3. informing people at all hierarchies about the benefits to minimize the impact of resistance factor.

for manufacturing sector - the story of waste management and emission reduction just becomes difficult and serious. the logic in my view still remains same - can such environmental,socio-economic projects bring a tangible value. Yet,i definitely dont mean ignore the qualitative advtgs..they are some times even more helpful to evaluate.

By the way - i am happy that your marketing dept is doing a 'source reduction' of paper waste.hope the culture will transend down n across. somebody ring the finance dept too to cut down balance sheet print outs :))

Anonymous said...

Raegan: Agreed that today tangible business value is required to convince business. But soon consumer awareness will change to consumer activism and being green will become a mandatory feature for a good corporate. For example, consumer activism created a market for cosmetics that were not tested on animals.