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Friday, August 01, 2008

Second Wind for Second Life?

I got no less than 3 queries from the Indian media about Second Life last month. One resulted in this press article and another in a short tv clip on UTVi.
Wipro has been on Second Life for over a year now and our island has had 4000 unique visitors. It is very useful as a 3D representation of labs and other features, though I have to admit its user interface is a bit challenging for those who are not 'digital natives".
Now with Lively from google there is another virtual world to play with. I'd like some views on why virtual worlds are not experiencing the kind of fast business adoption that would be expected. And if you have an island on Second Life, what your experience has been.


Anonymous said...

Tried it long time back ! When there so much of hype around it :)

Experience wasn't kicking perhaps bcoz of the slow internet connections in India..

Good to hear about google's own release in the virtual world space.

Hows been your exp. with second life presence of Wipro. +ves and -ves?

Anonymous said...

also saw a story on agencyfaqs recently... wouldn't business adoption also be a function of users, and i'm guessing organisations would look at some kind of critical mass before they invest.. and in india, user adoption would need better broadband connectivity for starters...
I, for one, have hesitated on SL because they keep asking me for my credit card number, and though I'm no prude as far as online shopping goes,i was somehow uncomfortable.. In that way, Lively is better, though the customisation of avtars is quite limited... meanwhile, the person who did the work for amul on SL, had commented on an earlier post -
i also feel that vivaty has a good shot, thanks to its social networking focus..

Ravi Shankar said...

Its a wonderful concept
But I couldnt try as I use wireless internet
If there is a chance I would definitely try second life
As an employee and Enthusiast in pursuing higher studies
I would definitely support this concept and as Ms Jessie said its a Second wind for Second Life