Friday, September 12, 2008

Bangalore in 2025

Navi Radjou is one of most articulate ambassadors for innovation, and the title links to his recent blog post on Bangalore. That was an outcome of a WEF led discussion on innovation covering geographical innovation clusters, innovation talent, and collaborative innovation. It's a good read, but I'd like to put out my personal vision for 2025 - (1) Thanks to cheap and easy teleconferencing technologies travel will be a luxury for business (2) mobile, secure computing infrastructure will mean that you can work from anywhere - much as you can today make a phone call from anywhere in the world (3) with a wide variety of software solutions on tap, and supported by almost invisble hardware pipes, IT will be ubiquitous (4) large parts of enterprise systems will be user defined. (5) with a world which is connected electronically, but where travel is a luxury, e-networking skills will be a differentiator for success in business
What do you think?
Or is it just my 1 hour commute causing me to hallucinate?!

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Anonymous said...

Will we need to work by then;-). My guess is that we would be like romans, with robots for slaves. My presumption is based on the research that says that by 2029, the artificial intelligence will overtake human intelligence.