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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Obamarketer: Obama Wins the US Presidency

I am in Chicago, though not near the scene of today's excitement. Am parked in front of a large screen TV as Mr Obama makes his acceptance speech. Seen up close over the past two days, his marketing machinery has been very impressive. It validates my belief that when you are a upstart brand it makes sense to establish a bulkhead through word of mouth and new media, but once you have acquired critical mass, you need to mobilize those channels to expand your coverage and make it (a) immediate (b) broad-based. Getting over a million doors knocked in one week just through volunteers mobilized through a website is awesome. A half-hour commercial on prime time tv shows that the brand has arrived.

I had done a piece in March on the difference between defining yourself on who you are versus on what you have done The "who you are" camp has won. This is probably the first political victory attributable to a great extent to new marketing skills applied to projecting a personality. And shows how important these skills have become for any brand with mainstream aspirations. Take a look at this earlier map of the Obama electronic footprint ( ) and see how much can be replicated for your brand. After all it's time for a change :)
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Anonymous said...

adage has a nice article on the same

Bharath Patil said...

Jess - You have an idea you are trying to push hard. Dont believe Obama won to a "great extent".

Obama's win was on account of:
1. Opponents that were weaker than him (yes i mean Hillary). McCain was a train wreck.
2. Segmentation - the most important marketing principle. Remember "change"
3. Campaign Management incl grass roots organization - streets ahead of his key opponents
4. Managing the perception of his personality.

Jessie Paul said...

Bharath - points 2,3,4 clearly fall into the category of marketing - so actually you agree with me :) as for 1, this isn't a political commentary, so no comments!

Mukund Mohan said...

Hey Jess
Check this out:

on the movement away from aspirational products to "blue collar" products. Re: 3 for 2 and 2 for 1.

mark said...

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