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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Marketing for the Present

Happy families are all alike, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
—Leo Tolstoy in Anna Karenina

A slowing economy hurts everyone, but the extent varies. Each company is unhappy in its own way. The world is no longer the big flat smiley dreamt of by Tom Friedman, but fast reverting to the lumpy, grumpy, pock-marked soccer ball that it used to be. Though the technology exists to create a flat world, we still aren’t there in terms of the governance, economic and geopolitical systems.

There are various factors that determine the impact of the current economic crunch on a firm. First, how dependent is the firm (or its customers) on credit? Any credit-oriented industry such as construction or automobiles will be more affected than others. Second, how much of the firm’s revenue is derived from countries with high exports? Export-oriented countries such as South Korea and Taiwan are likely to be more affected than India, where exports are just 25% of gross domestic product. Third, which industry is the firm in? According to research by McKinsey, in previous recessions, consumer staples have been among the least affected; consumer discretionary spending on goods such as clothes, home furnishings is the most affected; information technology is usually first-in, manufacturing is often last-out; while energy, utilities, and health care remain relatively unaffected. Contd...
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Mukund Mohan said...

Basics of fair use
"in some cases, using the entirety of the work is acceptable if it is necessary for the intended use."

If its written by you for the purpose of disseminating an idea, it would be fair use I think.

Anonymous said...

Traditional marketing is gone, Todays marketing lives on live data. If you have your eyes open then you can see it..........Now marketing means educating your client or customer about the reality, than like leading a blind man with stick.
Get real and get going....are you will be gone with the wind

Anonymous said...

We can give links to other blogs rather than using the content in our blog.Even if we use the content then atleast provide a link to the source.This way the author of Original Blog will be happy. Reason is

There are high chances that his blog will appear in the search engine result list. Results are listed in order by the search engnine with the "Links Pointing To the Blog/Site" as a criteria. More links pointing to that blog then high chances that his/her blog will appear in the top search results. So he will get more readers to his blog.

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Sivaram Ramaswamy said...

Every blog today is intended in communicating the idea and wisdom. So well the idea should reach the targeted community in all the possible methods. I believe every blogger is looking sincerely for knowledge interchange

Ankit said...

B2B Technology marketers have to change their orientation and become more focused on driving sales organization to drive more revenues...alignemnet with sales teams and running extremely focused campaigns for specific segmanets to drive demand should be the right impact P&L.

Marketing spend is a weapon to impact organizations topline as campaigns which are right sized and targetted will open lot of accounts which sales can mine well..

Tej Arora said...

We at SmartCrowds deeply believe in the power of Companies engaging with Consumers. Our value proposition centers around a involved, open, honest dialogue between the two. The new media has opened doors to a powerful new form of marketing - Engagement Marketing.

It was heartening to read your 5 points of advice, particularly the 2nd (Marketing should be the voice of the customer), and 4th (build customer communities).

Great article!

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shawn said...

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