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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ok, what the heck is Paul Writer Strategic Advisory?!

My belief - reinforced by my recent attendance at TED India - is that India has an amazing amount of innovation. Often the product of a constraint driven economy, we come up with fabulous ideas. But, as per Peter Drucker, innovation is just one face of the coin, with the other being marketing. This is where we sometimes lag - due to a combination of resource constraints, lack of marketing infrastructure, absence of common marketing knowledge. More so in B2B services/hi-tech which is a relatively new space in India.

My book, No Money Marketing, is an attempt to provide common marketing knowledge particularly to those working on challenger brands. Going by initial feedback (and sales) it seems to be helping entrepreneurs and young marketers.

Now the time has come for the next step. After 4 1/2 years in Wipro and over a decade (since 1998!) in IT services, I’ve decided to leave my rather cool job as CMO and try to do more in building India’s infrastructure in the B2B marketing space. Am launching a firm called Paul Writer Strategic Advisory, and broadly, intend to focus on three areas:

  1. Strategic Advisory & Marketing Management: Provide positioning advice, go-to-marketing strategy and marketing program management & execution for challenger firms
  2. Marketing Crashers: Crash courses and collaborative learning opportunities for those who want a marketing primer on topics such as Positioning, Executive Branding, Social Media etc
  3. Networking: Construct a networking platform for B2B marketers

And for those curious about the name, “Writer” was (and still is) a term used to refer to the manager of a tea or coffee estate. A trusted executive and steward of the estate-owner’s wealth, this person was in charge of operations including maintaining accounts, managing the estate, and taking the crops to market. I intend to become the trusted advisor to those who value brands, and thus function as their “Writer”. And there’s a personal connect - my grandfather was a “Writer” around a century ago.

I’ll be with Wipro till Jan 8, when I step off into the great unknown. What I want to do continues to evolve, and feedback is most welcome. Wish me luck!


Sorav Jain said...

all the best Jessie. God bless. Concept looks cool to me. Loved the way you have created your personal brand and stepped into the world of entrepreneurship.

omohapatra said...

All the best wishes.. Even I thought what the heck is 'writer' but I am convinced now.

From the day I heard you in Great Lakes, I was thinking "Why is she still around Wipro?". She has made up a brand 'Jessie Paul' (and you advised most of us to do so as well).
I kind of knew this was on the cards.

The world is waiting!!!

Unknown said...

well i dont know much about you, but you are entering to the field i loved to be in.All the best. I will read your book and post on it what I felt on it.

Lino Raphel

Gautam Ghosh said...

Amazing! Congratulations and welcome to the club!

Unknown said...

This is a great step forward. All the best Jessie.

Prakash said...

Hello Jessie,

Congrats & Best wishes.
I would like to collaborate with you. Will buzz you.

Padmaja Nagarur said...

Great news Jessie and did not quite come as a surprise! :-) And here's where you real journey begins...all the best and count me in when you need me ;-)

Ankush Jain said...

Hi Jessie,
Wish you a good luck for your new venture, i am very much convinced with the idea. I like to be always in a touch with you.
Ankush Jain
Head SPE
Proximity Services

rj said...

ohhhhhh great
i appreciate your concept all the best for ur venture

Chitra said...

Good concept, Jessie. I wish you all the best in being able to take this forward and make a change.

Unknown said...

Hi Jessie, Kudos to you ! Here's wishing you All the very best from Gutenberg team for this thoughtful move in your career. We would be more than glad to be associated with -Paul Writer Strategic Advisory,at any given point in time.

Mangala Singhal

Menon said...

Hi Jessie,

Wishing you good luck for the new venture. Thanks for using the forgotton term WRITER. You took me back to my childhood. All the best.

Unknown said...

Good Luck Jessie!!

It is definitely a great step and I am sure you will ROCK!

The world is waiting!! Go ahead...

Hriday said...

All the best Jessie. It certainly is a very interesting concept you are exploring. And from having followed your blog entries, a very logical next step.

Wishing you success.

lawyerjourno said...

This one was a great news. I have been fan of yours for quite sometime and was waiting this to happen. Finally you are there where you wanted to be and you are going to do what you wanted to do - this is an ultimate fun of doing something.

BTW, what is this 'social blogging'if please you can tell me.

Neytri said...

I read about this in ET, all the best..

ash-ed said...

Congrats jessie, nice to know your starting something on your own.

In case you planning to recruit people for your new organisation I would love to join the bandwagon, :) as am interested in a marketing job.


manik1383 said...

Congrats Jessie and welcome to the great challenging club!

Unknown said...

thats the best thing ,you have done.. India need Entreprenuers to build it strong and emerging.

all the very best for your venture!

Jessie Paul said...

Thanks to all of you for taking out the time to express your support. Look forward to your blessings and goodwill as this long journey commences!

Some have asked about recruitment, well, not just yet but I do intend to have one or two strong people who can consult and guide clients on marketing strategy.

Should you wish to connect with me privately,I am on LinkedIn!

rajsadasivan said...

Great start! all the very best!

In case you are looking out for start ups with killer concepts, let me know :)

Wishing you good health, happiness and success in what you chose to do!
TWTR @rajsivan

manu prasad said...

all the very best Jessie :)

Rashid Mahmood said...

Best Wishes!!!... I am regular reader of different blogs... Today itself got to know from ET that u are starting ur own venture..that's see, I am having the same Instinct ..but feel its not the right time.

Well best of Luck...

LikeItSpicy said...

Jessie - This comes as no surprise. I have enjoyed seeing how your career has evolved, and have no doubt that you will be fantastic as an entrepreneur.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessie,

I have heard you speak at Great Lakes. I interacted with you for a few minutes and could see the passion for making it out in the world.
My best wishes always with you. I am also progressing on talks with the publishers for my book. lets see if ad when it matures.

Best of luck again!

Arnab B. Chowdhury said...

hi Jessie Paul:

In the context of the recent news of your new venture 'Paul Writer Strategic Advisory', I was curious to know more about your nascent network and sense synergies.

I am founder and CEO of Ninad ( a 'flat' collaborative network which offers Integrality-based consulting with a focus on learning within e-Learning and organizational development.

best of luck for your new venture,


Arnab B. Chowdhury
Ninad ~ Your e-Learning Catalyst

Suresh Hinduja said...

Wish you all the best in your new venture.
And thanks for the explantion of "Writer".

Sai Vedam said...

Interesting and Cool Move. All the very best. Looking forward to meet you some time.

Unknown said...

Dear Jessie,
I wish you the very best in your new venture. India and Innovation a terrific combination. Keep the posts coming, we would love to read more about it.

Best Regards,
Sangeetha Ilango.

Sameer Bhaduri said...

Hi Jessie,

Your venture is much required in every organization. I am completely for social media.

Would be great to know more about your ventures.


Anil Kukutla said...

Hi Jessi,
Great to know about your new ideas and how you are planning to bridge the gap between "cup and the lip" on B2B startups.

Just a suggestion, it would also be great if you can research your effort into extending this beyond the B2B spectra for the benefit of organizations as well as our economy.

As an ex-Wiproite, I feel proud to know of such innovative steps taken by another Wiproite. All the best in your new endeavour.

Anil Kukutla

Vijayashankar said...

Wishing you the very best of luck!


Hari said...

All the best. When people are alone they can show their ability to the world wide. Hope you can make a world like what phaneesh murthy has done it through iGate

Senior Consultant - Enterprise Solutions
ECS , Bangalore

harsh mittal said...

Dear Jessie
Congrats on your next move.....
We are a start up B2B company in the field of Telecom Network Solutions (
We require help in our Marketing activities.
We are based at Delhi.
May be we can connect sometime and do something together....

Harsh mittal

Ajay Kumar Jha Nexshore Technologies said...

Hi Jessie,

My best wishes for your road to success, this time for a broader cause.

Unknown said...

congrats mam,

wanna be associated with you cauz excelling in social media is where i want my career to be ...........................

Ved said...

All the very best. Am sure you will make it a success, like everything else you do

phantombrain said...

All the best Jessie!

Amitesh Tyagi said...

All the best Jesse,
I am still a novice in field of marketing but your blog and steps definitely inspire me.... Keep going!

Amit said...

Welcome to the world on unknown. You will sure love it. All the best!

Rashid Mahmood said...
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Rashid Mahmood said...

All the very best Jessie.... the way you are devoting yourself towards the Launch and Promotion of your Book ...I am pretty sure you ..yourself become a brand and person worth listening and will become the next Indira nooyi of Corporate world.

Best of Luck for your new venture...Will be happy to hear some pearl of wisdom from you.

anahadmc said...

Seemingly there is ample opportunity to handhold the b2b entreprises on the road to strategic marketing,welcome abroad

AB said...

My heart felt congratulations on choosing to become an entrepreneur. Moving out from a corporate senior job to starting something from scratch is not only tough but courageous as well.

You are a pro in marketing and this is indeed a good start. I am sure I am going to hear more about you. Good luck.

raegan paul said...

All the best Jessie,

I am sure you will be a very successful "Writer"

best wishes for an exciting time


Jessie Paul said...

thanks again to everyone for their good wishes. Really appreciate the support and look forward to your continued goodwill.

Roy Young said...

As President of MarketingProfs, Jessie, I would love to talk to you about a partnership in this endeavor.

Please contact me at:
USA 310-601-4755

Hiren Mody said...

Hi Jessie:
I am presently working with a management and strategy consulting firm...I would be interested to be a part of your venture or help out....

I work with Universal Consulting India Pvt Ltd. (

My email is and can be found on facebook or twitter

Debendra said...




The http link you have given for NoMoneyMarketing is wrong. Its leading to wrong page. pls correct the link.

Krishnamurthy Hegde said...

India Inc needs a power house for B2B marketing. I am sure, you could be the face of India B2B Marketing. It would be a delight to work with you on any of the assignments. I have done extensive research and POC on some of the highly innovative concept in the Brand equity, ROI driven Marketing solutions space and hope we will have a chance to interact sometime soon. God Bless.

Srini Vemula said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Srini Vemula said...

Jessie, I am sure you are going to crete a great B2B marketing infrastructure to this net generation! All the best

Prashanth BP said...

Hi Jessie,

Good luck for your Brand new step...

I happen to trip on your blog and your linkedin profile while wading through the internet maze.

Social media is a really hot topic in several industries. Many companies know they want it, but dont really know how to leverage it. You should definitely tap into that space.


Anonymous said...

All the best.
Hope things are moving as planned.
But am sure you will be enjoying every bit of it.

Unknown said...

All the best. It is very bold step.

Ashok Shanmugam

Unknown said...

Excellent Jessie!Congragulations!
Wishing you all the best!

Vishy said...

1)Continuous search for self betterment
2)Open Minded,Easy to talk to, Modern approach with hint of cultural values.
3)You knew you were good - which i am guessing that you felt it right when you were between 14-15, could be by friends around you telling that you are made for big things..maybe
4)Upgrading Skills at right intervals (IIM or many
5) OneGrand Plan - Again i am guessing that you knew atleast 3-31/2 years before that launching Paul writer is ultimate.

Ahh i must agree i was waiting to hear about some body like you...

I am Vishy, 28 from Hyderabad planning to venture into Travel Industry....

All the best Jessie.. Citizens like you are the Role Models.

Hopefully see you some time.
I want to thank Rediff for publishing your interview..


Kaise kare said...

All the best. Doing great work.

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