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Monday, May 31, 2010

Should You Be Social?

I don’t have a ‘real’ website. Initially it was because I was too busy delivering for clients to focus on building one, and then it became an interesting experiment. Do you really need a website to do business?
I do own but the URL redirects to my blog which has one post on my business. On the other hand I have 1000+ connections on LinkedIn, 250+ senior marketers are members of a by-invitation-only Roundtable I host on LinkedIn, hundreds of friends are connected to me on Facebook, 2190 followers on Twitter and a regularly updated blog. I also speak and write at relevant forums. This seems to make me sufficiently accessible by those who wish to do business with me, and provide sufficient channels to talk about my firm’s offerings.
Clearly, social media is effective in building a personal brand and in communicating a business’ value. This is probably why marketers around the world drove their CEOs on to various social media channels – most prominently Twitter – last year. Here’s a quick look at how successful they have been in attracting followers, that is, those interested in receiving their updates:
Michael Dell ( - 2800+ followers
Bill Gates ( - 899,499 followers
Vijay Mallya ( - 75,000+ followers
Anand Mahindra ( 55,000+ followers
S. Sivakumar (, CEO or ITC’s Agri Division - 930 followers
Suresh Vaswani (, Wipro Jt CEO - 673 followers
S. Gopalakrishnan ( of Infosys - 469 followers
Vineet Nayar ( of HCL - 868 followers
With the exception of Michael Dell, none of the other CEOs are equally active across LinkedIn, Blogs, Facebook. President Obama, the master of harnessing social media for branding was present not just on all of the above sites but also YouTube and MySpace.
I think that in order to benefit from social media, you need to be present in all the places that matter, and ensure that your digital presence is neatly connected both to itself and your offline presence.

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Anonymous said...

Good read for business owners & CEO's that get performance anxiety at the thought of going social.

Azra Fathima said...

Do you really need a website to do business? It is certainly a contrarian question. And one that forces marketers to take a hard look at their web ROI. When you can network, co-create, generate interest / enquiries and establish thought leadership through social media vehicles at virtually zero cost, why have a website? Save the precious dollars. And it ties in so well with “No Money Marketing”!

Anonymous said...

Do I need a house to say for my home address if I have a phone, iPad, a blackbeery or a number of well connected people...

I think it will be a YES.

Not a perfect analogy...but I think a website is a must if someone is serious trying to build a business. Well, I have seen high fliers without one and then they come back to corporate some 1 or 2 years later...

If that is the case, u need not!

Bhupendra said...

Jessie, I found your blog today through BusinessWorld and I have to tell you that you are a awesome author.

I represent InRev Systems, Social Media Applications Company based out of Bangalore. Would like to meet you and discuss business possibilities.

Let me know if this is a possibility.


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Surprise Factor said...

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Siddharth Hegde said...

Jessie, while I agree with much of what you're saying the bit that I disagree is that "you need to be present in all the places that matter". Audiences today are getting more and more fractured and using more diverse tools & platforms. I think it makes sense for companies and individuals to choose a couple of platforms that they are comfortable with and focus their efforts their rather than spreading themselves thin. Sure a large corporation could probably decide to proliferate - but that not always possible for individuals or smaller companies. A great example of a company that decided to focus its energies on a couple of channels was Blendtec with their Youtube Channel. 150 million plus views. Based on the success achieved it makes sense to explore other avenues, platforms, & tools.

Priyankar Mukherjee said...

But the question is how costly a proposition it is to have your own website?

I have and apart from my company website.

If you are looking at setting up your own blog then you can set up wordpress without much ado.

Joomla can support a content based website. A joomla based website can be built in a matter of days.

Ecommerce is not problem either. Come opensource and your worries are put to rest. Opencart is the way to go. It can be set up in one day flat too...

So even if you decide to have your own website you can have it without spending a fortune!

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